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Builder's Reserve models are a dream come true for many home buyers. Designed by an expert eye, combining modern touches with timeless elegance.


These Builder's Reserve models are being built with exclusive upgrades not previously included and have a 2023 closing date.

There is just one of our Widdifield homes (lot 1 below) and one of our Crandell homes (lot 10 below) in our current Builder's Reserve offering.


To secure your home in this coveted development, click here to register.



Prior to the surveying of the Reach township, Joseph Widdifield was the Northern most settler along the path between Oshawa and what today is Port Perry. North of him was unbroken, thick forest and swamp land. At the time, no one could have imagined the beautiful community this region would one day become, but the daring ventured Northward to establish a new community of adventure seekers, nature lovers and and small-town-at-heart folks. 

EMBEE - Crandel 4 - 06-29-2021.jpg


Born in Saratoga, New York in 1799, Reuben Crandell moved with his parents to Canada at a young age. In 1819 he married Catherine Moore and in 1823 Reuben and Catherine became the first European settlers in the area, blazing the trail North from the city, plowing each step by the strength of their two oxen. They settled on 200 acres of land and their establishment of the townships first hotel and tavern attracted travellers and tourists to the area. 



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